Why me?

why me?

Andy Warhol once used a Phrase from Marshall McLuhan stating:

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

30 Years later this has become reality for all of us with Youtube.

We are not that fame searching individual, splattering the internet with their kitty videos and selfies.

We are a team of Interdisciplinary thinking individuals, all with a very colorful background of work experience.

Exactly this experience is what we believe to be the key element in creativity.

We are moodpack and all in this game to make big news and quality impacts in the lives of our customers customers.

Put a Key Account Manager and a Chef / Cook together in one room, let them both think about promoting something …

They might come up with something extremely silly, but out of that "silly" you might just get the next great "something" that could be better than sliced bread.

There is no room for an individual

but with that said, more space for the team.



Years experience


Completed projects


Happy clients


Days a week


Experience is

what time in life provides us

The more time has passed
The more experience we have

The downside of this semi empty phrase is

not everyone uses their time the way we do
wich explains the verry strange and most upsetting advertisement in this world today